It’s Been A Year!

…and I have not officially blogged on here.  I had quite the whirlwind of a year between getting married, buying a house, and my crazy work schedule!  I’m hoping to Blog more officially (not just posting things I wear) but my real insights and beliefs of things I am passionate about.  My hopes for 2020 is that I can do exactly that! Ive re-vamped my Blog (a la name change) which is a better representation of the place I am currently in my life.

I started blogging because of the general outlet of creativity it gave me. I hope to make more time doing that this year.  I am a firm believer that you should not have to force anything and if you are then its not right you at that time. Mental Health first people!  So here I am, back at it, and excited for what 2020 brings me!




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