The Peloton- Everything you need to know about your new best friend.

My decision to get a Peloton Bike (who I have now named Black Beauty- remember the book?) was one I thought about for months, and I’m glad I finally did!

My schedule is constantly changing (you can never expect how long your customer may need you for!) With that being said it’s hard for me to keep classes I’ve signed up for when my meeting runs late or the physician I need to meet with can only meet at 7 am vs 8 am now. The late window of 12 hours simply does not fit in my schedule- BRING on the late fees! I’ve occurred late fee after late fee and I finally got tired of it. I understand that studios HAVE to do this because of holding clients accountable and getting people into the classes who actually want to be there; believe me I did want to be there. Also the flexibility that it gives me to ride whenever I want. Somedays I’m out the door at 5, sometimes it’s 8. It would take me 20 minutes to get out the door, plus a 10 minute walk to studio, plus 10 minute walk home. Already I was losing a chunk of my morning. I now roll out of bed, throw on my clothes and walk to my basement and clip in. How nice!

Don’t get me wrong, I still will have my class pass going STRONG. I just now will have the majority of my workout on the bike and cross training with running. I will only attend classes when I KNOW I can be there < MAD LOVE ❤️ to all my Philly Trainers- they’re amazing and inspiring>

Being an athlete my whole life, 3rd grade to Division 1 Lacrosse; Self motivation is something that was always innate within me. I know that the mutually beneficial relationship is- what I put in is what I will get out. To me this was the best conversation you learn as an athlete. I am able to be self motivated. If you are not that person, challenge yourself to become that person but if you know the bike will sit there and collect dust, don’t buy the bike. If you want to lose weight, compete with yourself and others, or have a lifestyle that’s on the go- then I think the Peloton is a great option for you.

Here are some answers to some of the questions you may be having;

How much does the bike cost? You can buy “Basic” package which is the bike cost up front $2245 which include peloton bike, one year limited warranty and delivery and set up for $250. This does not include the shoes, weights, headphones. I was lucky and hit two out of the three and bought weights from Target for $7. You don’t necessarily need the headphones unless you’re bike is in “quiet space” of the house. The “membership” aka unlimited streaming, is $39 a month- this is also a separate cost from the bike.

The membership is no commitment deal so you can cancel at anytime! 🤔 To me that defeats the purpose when you still have the bike?

Another option is to Finance the Bike for 12 24, 39 months from that total. There are no penalties in paying off your total balance in advance.

What does the membership include? Unlimited classes, you can ride as many times as you want per day, but don’t be crazy about it. You can also stream from your iPhone or iPad while traveling. There are yoga classes streamable, HIIT, ab routines. It’s pretty legit. Work Travelers Dream!

How is the workout? I’m dead serious when I say this. I almost threw up the first time I took a class, and I workout a lot!

There are many different options of classes. If you haven’t worked out in FO EVA, they have options of training packages that aren’t the live classes. Build yourself up before you hit the hard stuff!

There are live classes where you compete with over 1000 people. You can narrow it down by age/sex etc. There are taped classes you can take if you can’t take a live one as well.

I’m really enjoying the community that Peloton has created for busy people like myself. I feel a lot more efficient in the timing of my day and schedule! Lover of fitness and health, the best investment you can make is one for yourself and for your health!



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