Cowgirl Boots Inspired

   I wanna be a Cowgirl

A modern take on a classic American Style; the Cowboy(GIRL) boot is the perfect answer to many outfits simple and sassy that one may be looking for. My grandmother gave me my first pair of REAL cowgirl boots when I was younger and I still obsess over them with time to time.  I love a good boot detailed with Grit and texture to pair with a midi dress or a knee length dress and a cropped bomber jacket. The aspect I love most about a Cowgirl inspired boot is they aren’t squeezing the shit out of your ankle and lower calf like the skinny ones do, ain’t no body have time for that (at least I do not). I like the wideness of the Cowgirl boot and how it can fit over skinny jeans, under pants, or with tights and a dress.  I am all about comfort and style and wearing the shit out of your clothes/shoes.  Skinny boot heels break (a la Philadelphia sidewalks) and chunky heels support. I spend more time dropping those shoes off at the Cobbler than getting new ones (side eye) Do you feel me? Case and point-I’ve linked my favorite picks below that are worthy of adding to your wardrobe and won’t go out of style.  Forever a cowgirl- Yeehaw!

New Frontier Western Boot- Free People


Cresetal Western Bootie – Nordstrom


Winona Metalic Western Boot- Sam Edelman


Cecile Ankle Boots-Free People


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