How to Keep your Mind and Body in check during the holidays.

How to Keep your Mind and Body in check during the holidays.

The struggle really is real.

As holidays are approaching I STRONGLY believe that the best thing you can do for yourself is stay or become organized.

My calendar is my saving grace, although I will admit that I sometimes over book myself and stretch myself thin (I don’t want to miss out on memories!) Using my Calendar and creating routine especially helps me during the holidays and it’s craziness!

Organizing your Calendar

-Using different color pens for different categories

-Being consistent with when you are planning (I like Sunday evenings)

-Writing in your workouts, work events, events with friends/family.

In sales, my schedule is always changing and I am consistently adding meetings. I try and plan ahead in my office day as much as possible because if I don’t I am a frazzled mess. I choose a colored pen to associate with my work calendar, any overnight visits, any dinners, work related events. Luckily, most of my schedule is in my IPhone Calendar, so I don’t have to go overly crazy on doodling in my notebook (phew).

Workouts 💪🏼

Those who know me, know I love to workout. Always a passion of mine and a good release of stress. This is one of my top priorities for my mind and body, especially during the holidays #mindgym. I mean we all know there are just too many goodies being passed around at parties (a la Charceuterie Boards)

Since I started using ClassPass and going to Bar Method. I’m able to book my classes ahead of time (week in Advance) this also keeps me committed to my workouts as well. After I book my class schedule, on Sundays I like to fill it in my Calendar in another color pen- sometimes there are work conflicts, but most of the time I can get a good handle on my week).

Exercise is my go to; a strong grip on your workouts not only helps keep off the lbs. during the holidays, but I believe keeps you centered. Holidays can be stressful, whether it’s conflicts, traveling, finances, family, etc. The best thing you can do is keep your mind decluttered as well. Releasing endorphins and being in tune with your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

Last but not least, upping my meditative game. This practice I’ve instilled in my life has changed my mind and body connection to a deeper level. Usually I try and meditate at night or after work before my workout, which keeps me centered and at peace with my day. During the holidays, or when life becomes stressful. I try and incorporate my meditation in the morning before my busy day and holiday parties.

I’ve linked some books below that have helped me focus on my mind and body connection and can help you be your best self as well.

Mindfulness the 25th Anniversary

The Universe Has Your Back

Mind Gym-An Athletes Inner Guide to Excellence

Ok really really last but not least….

Vitamin SEA– if you have the opportunity to go somewhere and soak up the sun. GO. Salt water cures everything 👌🏼

Xx. LB