Why I Choose Bar Method

Lover of all things fitness and health inspired-I defined most of my life being an athlete.  Since finishing collegiate lacrosse in 2012, it has been challenging finding workouts that benefit my body without putting the additional stress on my body/joints. I will say that being in the Orthopedic field has also taught me a thing or two about stress on my body! I’ve put a lot of miles on my knees from running so it has been nice finding a workout that is challenging and gives me the results of running (strong & lean legs/gluteus maximus)!

Besides the INCREDIBLE and talented owners, Gina and Kristin, (who make everyone feel like family the minute they step through the doors) The workout is incredible.  It may not be a workout that makes you sweat to death (a la Spin Class), but it challenges and effectively sculpts muscles in your body that you did not know existed (HELLO SIDE ABS!)  The workout is PT inspired and created under the guidance of physical therapists to ensure it safe for our bodies and joints to prevent injuries.

I also like the fact that compared to other barre studios Bar Method instructors undergo a lengthy rigorous training that includes lessons of anatomy and hands-on adjustments.  It’s all about the QUALITY of the workout people, not quantity.  I’ve spent the last year trying to focus on what really works for my body and what does not- this is why I choose Bar Method.

PLEASE make sure you check out the new Studio who isn’t even a year old yet! The facilities are gorgeous, clean and I cannot get over the community that Bar Method presents to Philadelphia.

Make sure to use my special $79 usually ($99) for One Month Unlimited (New Clients Only). Promotion ends Oct. 31st. Use my code LB4BarMethod on Mindbody or online to receive your discount!

Bar Method Rittenhouse

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