October Intentions 💫

I usually like to write my intentions down in my journal every month but throwing it up here for y’all to vibe with. I started writing my intentions about a year ago after taking a 6 week Mindfulness course at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital here in the city. If you ever have the opportunity to take this course, DO IT. Best present to yourself 🖤

Writing intentions helps me refocus my energy on where it is best needed for myself and my growth. September was engrossed with plans and meetings. I’m starting to feel more balanced getting back to a routine. Also-LIBRA here- we need balance or we cray.


Que Sera Serawhat will be will be. Recently, I’ve been trying to control situations, deals, and outcomes that are out on my control. My intention throughout October is to realize I can only contribute what I can and let everything happen on it’s on. Doing this reminds me that I created unnecessary stressors by trying to be in control. What will be will be.

Healthy Sleep

That REM cycle.In relation to stressing myself out with control I’ve also found myself not getting the healthy sleep I need and deserve. Brain fog is REAL LYFE and not getting my 7-8 hours throws me off sometimes. I’m trying to read more through October and be less on my phone close to bedtime.

Any book recommendations or ways you calm your brain down at night>slide into my DM 📩 or leave a comment.

Healthier Food Choices– without balance and schedule I become a monster in the kitchen. I make poor choices for food which once again-Brain FOG and lethargy. Since I’m on the road a lot for work, I really have to consider what I’m eating days in advance or I am not giving my self the proper fuel. This week is planned already✔️ Including grocery shopping at Whole Foods while I’m at my hotel for my work week in Pitt. Writing out meals along with my schedule helps me stay on task and focused for my choices.

What do you do to help with meal planning?

Own It-

Owning how I feel is important to me and I’m not apologizing for those feelings. First and foremost, it’s important to put the needs of yourself first so you can be your best self for others. Recently, I found myself apologizing for how I felt, whether that’s being tired, overly happy, or choosing not to do something. This time to yourself let’s you be your best self. Stop apologizing for doing you. #metime

Dancing– I am a firm believer that Dancing relieves stress. I used to dance all ze time but realized that I’ve stopped! I hope to dance more and not take life as seriously as I have been lately. Note to self: dance anywhere and everywhere.


To be more mindful and present with myself and my surroundings. I hope to make my last couple weeks of 28 a good time 🙂


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